I have a NetWare 6 SP5 server running NetMail 3.5.2F which was set up a couple of weeks ago.

It has two 750GB Seagate drives in a hardware RAID (mirror) configuration. It has one 4GB TFS SYS Volume, one 100GB TFS volume for NetMail and a 600GB NSS volume.

The health monitor has been showing the Available Directory Entries as SUSPECT from the beginning. The SYS volume and the NSS volumes are fine. The problem is with the NetMail volume which shows 2% of capacity usage (about 2GB) but 95% of directory entries are used.

Health monitor shows a maximum of 3,735,074 directory entries with 195,106 available.

The same server was running the same configuration with two smaller (73GB drives) partitioned as SYS (4GB-TFS) and NetMail (69GB-TFS) with no problems for several years until the upgrade.

The server is running DNS, DHCP and Apache servers in addition to NetMail. There is no antivirus software running.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Mehmet Boyaci