We are considering a total migratioin to Linux and i ve been reading a lot about Novell eDirectory and ZenWorks.

We are looking to get Novell Open Workgroup Suite Option-Two, Identity Manager, Configuration Management and a few licenses for Access Manager.

The cost per user with support comes to about: $304 per/User
Identity Manager: $25 + $11 2yr Maint. = $36
Configu Manager: $83
Open Wrokgroup with 1 yr maintt: $185

A few things that i am not clear about when i talk to the sales guy. Getting Novell Open WorkGroup would entitle me to get SLES10 at no extra cost, right.? The sales guys says yes, but i dont think he understood correctly.

Also if i dont get support would i be able to get updates and patches for the products i would be buying..? or in order to get them i must buy support.? In other words, what does "support" provides..?

And i havent found any articles on the price comparasion between Novell and MS on this matter.

At the moment we dont have an exchange server, but if i was going to get a comparable suite to the one Novell is offering, how much would it be per user..?

I think it would be something like this:
Identity Manager
Configu Manager
Open Wrokgroup


Online Outlook (the one you can use on a browser)

Any input would be appritiated..