I've recently discovered, thanks to this forum, that NetWare traditional
volumes are not compatible when used to access Outlook PST files from
Vista machines through the NetWare Client for Vista.

This prompted a migration from traditional volumes to NSS volumes. Since
the existing server is running on rather old hardware, I decided to do a
rebuild -- this time strictly using NSS volumes. As such, I've acquired
the new hardware and am currently working on it in a test lab to ensure
that I can do what I plan to do before subjecting the user community to my

Once the new server was built with NSS volumes and the data copied over to
it, I have been able to connect to it with my Vista test machine and
access my Outlook PST file without problems.

By the way, the purpose of this server is for storing user home
directories and print services. I've been using it for a couple of weeks
now on a daily basis and all seems good. I was just about to bless the
entire setup and was going to duplicate it in production when I ran into
this annoyance, which may just be a show-stopper...

After copying all the data from the old server to the new one (both
servers running NW6.0 SP5 with all the latest patches), I discovered that
I can't open any media-related file that would normally launch with WMP.

For instance, if I wanted to double-click on an MP3 file or a WMV video
that resides on the new server, I get a message that the file cannot be
accessed. However, I can copy that file over to the Vista machine and
double-click it and it plays. I then logged in to the old NetWare server,
found the exact file, and I am able to double-click it and it plays in the
Windows Media Player (without needing to copy it locally first).

I did an md5sum on the files on both servers and they are identical. Any
idea why I can't play media files that have been copied from the old
server to the new one? We have a lot of training videos that we use to
reinforce training for the folks working in the warehouse.

Further troubleshooting info:
-The problem happens on any media-player file stored on any NSS volume on
the new server (regarless of whether they originated from the old server
or are new original files).
-The problem does not occur when accessing the media files on the new
server from an XP workstation.
-The problem does not occur on the old NW6.0sp5 server (with traditional
volumes). Unfortunately, I can't use it with Outlook.
-I don't have a second Vista machine to test whether the problem is
centered on the single Vista test machine.
-I triple-checked the trustee rights and even logged in as "admin" on the
new server to try to play any media file and all of them gave the "cannot
access the file" error.

I would appreciate anyone's help in this matter.