I can't seem to get any volumes to migrate using the OES2 YAST module for
migrating Netware volumes. Maybe I'm trying to use it incorrectly.

Does it handle moving a traditional volume from NW51 to a NSS volume?

Currently the source server is in our production tree and the destination
server is in a temporary tree.

No data is gets moved and my project.log includes several errors. The first
error is after the /sbin/mls command. It shows an error logging into the
production server - but then it continues and displays subdirectories on the
production server volume - so I'm guessing that it actually logged in -
despite the error.

the /sbin/maptrustees command also shows an login error - but then
continues. It seems to display NDS properties of the production server
object, including the login script. It seems to continue displaying NDS
properties of other objects. Eventually it errors with "maptrustees command

"Message/Error logging has reached a maximum value and it is set off"

Maybe I have to open a Novell Support Incident so that I can learn how to
migrate servers...