I am in the process of beginning to upgrade my world here to NetWare 6.5
service pack 7. My servers are traditional NetWare, and currently sitting
at service pack 5. That is, except for one of them is still sitting at
service pack 3!!

I don't know how I missed this one when I upgraded all of the others to
service pack 5, but I did.

So, tomorrow, it'll get the service pack 5 applied to it. But, what I
need help remembering is what all of the post service pack 5 patches were.
I'm sure I still have them when I downloaded them months/years ago, but I
don't remember which ones I need to apply. I looked through my logs or
server activities, and I logged the install of the following patches (But
I want to make sure that I didn't forget one (like I totally forgot to
upgrade this one, you know that dang warm fuzzy and all)):

eDir 8737
a EtherTSM and MSM patch
a COMM.NSS patch
NSS5b, and

Can anyone remember which patches were supposed to be applied after
service pack 5 was installed. We'll get up to service pack 7 soon, but I
need to get this one so that it looks like all of the others.