I am looking for recommendations for migrating to OES2 linux.
We have a customer that is excited about the direction that Novell is taking towards Linux and is wanting to go in that direction as well. Unfortunately he and his company is not ready to make the change over right away and their server needs to be replaced immediately. They currently have a single server for their main use (file, print, email etc) and a second server running Border Manager. In the next 6-8 months he wants to start implementing a linux server. However, the IT person is not allowed to add any more hardware to add the Linux environment. My initial thoughts and plans were to implement SLES XEN and create a Virtual machine of Netware OES2. I was going to have the SLES domain0 session be an iSCSI target to allow me to migrate volumes from the Netware Server to the OES2 linux server when it was implemented. Just recently I attended the first class course for OES2 and I was discussing this with the instructor. He had a different thought on the matter. His thought was to not use the iSCSI and just create the Virtual Netware server, but when the additional volumes were created, make the virtual drives different files. When the customer was ready to migrate the volumes to Linux, disconnect the virtual drive from the Netware VM and reconnect them to the Linux VM. Does anybody have any experience in doing this? One initial concern that I have is having so much data in a virtual drive (in a single file folder) Is it reliable?

Anybody have any thoughts?