I have an Poweredge 4400 that has been having some abend troubles
lately and I am thinking of imaging this server with Portlock and
blasting the image to a new Power Edge 2950 server. I have done this
with an old image of the current production server (4400 mentioned
above) and after updating the driver changes for the new LAN
controller and SAS RAID adaptor that is on the new server things seem
to be fine. My volumes mounted and Remote Manager is reporting a
Healthy server. I haven't had users connect to it because it's an
image of the production server and shares the same Server name and IP
address. I have a few specific questions that maybe some of you wise
folks might be able to help with. First let me list the hardware for
the new and old server as a base.

Dell Poweredge 4400
Single CPU Xeon 933mhz
1.5 GB of Ram installed
Perc 3/di SCSI Raid controller

Dell Poweredge 2950
Dual Xeon 2.00Ghz processors
Perc 5/di SAS Integrated Raid controller

The new server has 2 Xeon processors but in Remote manager It is
showing that there are 7 CPU's. Is this normal ? Does Novell 6.5 sp6
perform well on servers with multiple CPU's ?

The new machine has 4gb of Ram the old machine had only 1.5. Since I
am applying an image of the old server over to this new box, is there
any kind of memory configuration, swap file change, logical memory
change that needs to be done manually to accomodate for the change in
hardware on the new server ? Or does Novell just sort all of that
stuff out on it's own based on the hardware.

Do you foresee any other major changes that I should have to make once
I get the most recent image over on the new server, other than LAN and
Storage adaptor drivers ? My hope is that I blast the most recent
image using portlock over to the new server then update those 2
drivers and a bring it online. Since the IP addy and server name will
be the same, I'm assuming that all clients, printers, and directory
services should function again as they did on the old server. Am I
missing something? Thanks so much to anybody than can lend a little
bit of wisdom.