I am a teacher and somewhat manage the School Server. Last Friday, the
external Drive Array lost a disk. I swapped it out but after it rebuilt
the drive the server produced a error message that the Array Crashed.
(don't remember exact message) The IT guy at the District Office said I
should rebuild the pool (nss /poolrebuild=Volume2). I came in on Saturday
and the screen was frozen after about .922...%. All of the numbers were
not incrimenting, even the time. After calling the IT guy again he
figured it somehow crashed the server. So I restarted it. Same thing
happend. Now the Volume is stuck in Maintenance. I tried activating it,
deactivating it, force activate force deactivate and nothing works. When
we run nss /poolverify we get the message "invalid free tree node" The IT
guy has come by and swapped out a couple of drives in the Array and after
it rebuilt them. We are back a square one. The Quarter is over Nov. 2nd
and most of the teachers grade files, test, etc are on the server.