Sometime ago I read an article on how Google could be used to search for
virues and the such embedded in executable files. This was possible becuase
Google indexed not just text files but all files, including binary ones.

Anyways, it got me to thinking about a way of catalogueing graphics files.
Essentially, using Photoshop, or a variety of other applications, it is
possible to assign textual properties to a graphics file. For example, in
Photoshop, open a file, click on File - File Info, and then fill out the
file property fields for things like keywords, and comments. When you save
the file this text is saved within it. You can actually find the text if you
view the graphic files contents with an ASCII text viewer.

As a test, I modified a number of graphics files (eg a TIF, JPG, PSD and an
EPS file) adding text to the comment fields. I then created a qfinder index
and had it scan these files.

When I then searched for items with the added text, none of the image files
turned up in my results.

My question is, should qfinder be able to carry out the indexing operation I
intended, or is it designed to ignore graphics files?