We have a Gateway E-9520T running OES 1 SP 2 and SLES 9 SP3. The
network interface requires the intel-e1000 driver. Not surprisingly,
the driver package corresponds to a specific kernel rpm. For example,
we currently have:


There's now a kernel update in the OES channel:

The following requested packages will be installed:
adminfs 2.6.5_7.287.3-1.0.68 (oes)
kernel-bigsmp 2.6.5-7.287.3 (oes)

The following packages must be REMOVED
intel-e1000 7.6.5_2.6.5_7.286-1
intel-e1000-7.6.5_2.6.5_7.286-1: depended on kernel-bigsmp-2.6.5-7.286
intel-e1000-7.6.5_2.6.5_7.286-1: missing requirement

Normally I go to this URL to get the new driver when there's a kernel


This time, I don't see a corresponding rpm. What's the "right" place to
get the driver? Who puts these drivers there? I see from the rpm that
it's authored by Philip Oswald, apparently a member of the Novell device
driver group. If these are officially supported, shouldn't they be
rolled whenever there's a kernel update?