I'm trying to install NW 6.5 SP7 on an intel server and having no luck
getting the SAS RAID driver to load.
The motherboard is Intel S5000PSL(SAS) with Intel Xeon Core Quad with the
RAID 5 activation kit (AXXRAKSW) and 2 GB RAM. There are 6 IBM 146GB 15K
SAS drives in the intel AXX6DRV3GEXP 6 bay SAS cage.
During installation when I try to load mega_sas.ham it fails and says no
compatible hardware has been found (also can't load lsicfgnw.nlm or
lsimptnw.ham) . Any ideas on how I can get these RAID drivers to load? I
tried the drivers off of the Intel CD that came with the motherboard as
well as the most current drivers from the Intel web site but no luck.