I have a NW65sp6 Server installed. Over the weekend the Data volume
automatically dismounted with the follwoing messages:
27.10.2007 16.04.40 : COMN-3.25-1196
Severity = 4 Locus = 3 Class = 0
NSS-3.00-5002: Pool NW1/DATEN is being deactivated.
An error (20012(beastTree.c[510])) at block 25440260(file block
-25440260)(ZID 1) has compromised volume integrity.

I rebooted the server and the DATEN volume fails to mount and the pool is
placed inteo MAINTENANCE mode

I run a VERIFY on the volume and at about 75% it breaks off with No
Errors but the follwoing Warnings:

Unaccounted Blocks Exist.
Pool System Report 'Number of Objects' in Error.
Pool System Report 'Blocks in Use' in Error.
Sum of 'Salvagable Objects' != Salvage Tree Entries.

I then run a REBUILD and get the following:

Can't Continue! Status 0 (zlssLogicalVolume.c[999])

In NSSMU if I look at the Pool DATEN it reports that there are no Logical
volumes defined in the Pool.

I would be grateful for any helpful suggestions. Is myPool/volume toast?