Jared, Shaun,

Hi guys, Not done much with this for a couple of weeks and today I
suddenly find that I am unable to create a package or edit an existing
package. Browser settings are not letting me access ther Active X
controls. Error message "Windows has blocked this software because it
can'r verify the publisher".

Running Windows 2k3 server SP1 as a member server on a 2 DC server domain.
I have set as many on the Active X settings to enable or prompt in
trusted sites and Internet as seem to have an effect and have only managed
to get as far as "The publisher couold not be verified are you sure you
want to install this software?" and then again the Active X fails to load.

Could this be a function of the certificate service? This seems not to be
installed on the server?

You guys been sending down some patches to the server that could have this
effect? :/)