brain wrote:
> Now I have seen nearly everything. My SO teaches a class Friday night
> at a university here in town. Every other Friday I am without spawn.
> This Friday it turns out that along with that I had nothing to do and
> another American friend of mine (male) wanted to go out to talk.
> We go to a book store to drink beer (its a Brazilian thing).
> Translated: I didn't go to a place to pick up girls etc.
> About an hour after we were there I notice a woman giving me the eye.
> Pretty soon a waiter shows up at my table with her phone number. Later,
> when said american friend decides to take a wiz, said woman strikes up
> a bland conversation. Fifteen minutes later, we (american friend and I)
> leave. We go to another restaurante. I write a message to said woman
> that, though I enjoyed the attention (I am a graceful liar) I already
> had a girl friend and that I wasn't interested.
> Then I promplty (on automatic) screw up and send the message to my SO.
> Ok, I'm an idiot, I don't think that is news to anyone here.
> After two years together she receives a rejection message meant for
> someone else. Now I am a pig etc etc how could she have been so wrong
> etc etc? And here she thought she could trust me etc etc.
> This due to a *rejection*! Ouch.
> Not sure where I am going with this one.

Start with the truth - maybe even show her the message you posted.

Add flowers
Probably chocolate
and then more flowers