I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this.

We recently setup a Gestetner DSm735 Scanner to scan files to a directory
hosted on an NSS volume on an OES Netware box using it's built in Scan to
NCP function using an eDirectory ID with full rights to the directory we
are scanning to.

We are now trying to use the same method to scan to another NSS volume
(same ID same rights to a directory) hosted on an OES Linux SP2 box, using
the NCP protocol. The server is running NCP services by default. Here's
the problem:

If I point the scanner to the OES Netware box, I can browse manually all
the way to the scan directory. If I point the scanner to the OES Linux box
using the same credentials, I can browse the tree on the scanner's control
panel until I get to the volume object on the OES Linux box. Once I select
it, I get an error indicating I can't connect to the file server, and I
can't see the directory the ID has rights to.

Are there any differences in the way OES Linux handles NSS compared to OES
Netware that would cause it to fail like this, or am I doomed to using SMB
or FTP for the same function in Linux?

Craige Lukowicz
City of Sacramento