we have a very weird problem with our nss volume.
Some folders appear in the "root" of our volume as the complete
folder structure, for expample like Folder1/Folder2/Folder3/Folder4.
This means Folder4 is below Folder3, which is below Folder2, which
ist below Folder1 in the normal structure.
The normal Folder structure is there too.

On the linux console in /media/nss/Vol1 there are the normal
In the Remote Manager the "wrong" folders are shown too.

Trying to delete the folders via Windows Explorer says:
File or Folder cannot be read.

We tried some things like "ResetIDCache" and "VisibilityRebuild".
We did a reboot too. This deleted the "wrong" folders, but on writing
the files in the folders from the users they appeared again.

Perhaps we have to do a poolrebuild? Want to avoid that.