We are running Netware 6.5 SP5. This server has run like a clock for over
a year. We typically run at about 3-20% utilization overall. We upgraded
GVAVA on our server to Version 4.X and patched GWAVA to the latest
revision. Since the upgrade, our server runs consistantly at 75%
utilization. When I check the processes, Uimon.nlm is always right at the
top, sometimes jumping down to second or third ... but right up there. I
called GWAVA support and they say that their NLM's have no issue with
Uimon.nlm. I checked the Novell site and the latest update for Uimon.nlm
is 2004.

Has anyone ran into this ? I have not applied SP6 as the server has been
running like a clock until the GWAVA update.