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Thread: Agent Upgrade Problem

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    Will Wilson NNTP User

    Agent Upgrade Problem

    I've got a workstation that I did an uninstall of the agent on and finally
    got through most of the snags that happened because of that. I now have
    it back to where it started, but I still have a problem with it:

    For some reason, the agent doesn't seem to upgrade from 10.0.0 to 10.0.1
    (or at least it doesn't finish, I see the progress of it copying and it
    seems to be installing).

    Any time I refresh to look at upcoming events it shows:
    Knowlegebase Files (Unmanaged Linux) [3.6.A.1.16] (deploy)

    ZCC shows the following message for this workstation:
    Unable to open the <ZRMUserLoginEvent> event

    What should I do/try?

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    Will Wilson NNTP User

    Re: Agent Upgrade Problem

    ...forgot to add this is a WinXP sp2 workstation and my server is Win2003.

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    Will Wilson NNTP User

    Re: Agent Upgrade Problem

    I think I may have figured out what's up here...
    TID 3740643 indicates that if the ZDM agent is installed (by some
    automatic method, login script, etc.) after the ZCM agent, then
    uninstalled, it will break both ZDM and ZCM. Thinking back, I'm not sure
    but this may have caused all/part of my problem as I tried to uninstall
    ZCM agent lost my nwgina, recovered from that, reinstalled my client, zdm
    agent etc. etc.

    I now have worked through most of the issues I had with this
    workstation...but I'm still baffled about why it continues to show that it
    is attempting to deploy those Unmanaged Linux knowledgebase files....and
    never seems to do/finish that.

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