I am running the latest client and using wireless connectivity.

I am keen to hear how other sites configure wirless with netware client.

We seem to be getting many issues with the tree not being found.
Therefore an ip needs to specified for preferred server.

Most problems occur after a machine (laptop) has hibernated and upon
resume no reconnection is made automatically.

Therefore the ZEN agent goes offline, client trust needs to be run again
to execute login script(Netware Login from system tray). I realise this a
range of different issues here, but if someone can suggest a way of
remaining a netware client authenticated after hibernation then that would
be a start to solving many of these issues.

Microsoft exchange and outlook seem to work seemlessly in this regard.

Can anyone offer any tips, or experiences they have. I really would like
to have a more robust solution for our environment as we are predominantly
a wireless lan with over 1000 notebooks. Hibernation and authentication
after hibernations seems to be very painful with client losing many

How can this be overcome ?