We have purchased a RSA SecurID appliance. RSA says it works with eDir.
We're using Suse 9 SP2 OES1. I can get the appliance to connect over the
standard ldap port (389) but only with no password. It fails when trying
to do it over secure ldap (636), with or without the password. It tells
me to check the binding DN and password. Using Softerra's LDAP Browser I
can see the info it asks for but it doesn't seem to be correct or I'm
missing something.

So for the LDAP User Search Information on the RSA I have:
LDAP Server Type: Novell
LDAP Host:
Port 636
Base DN: o=company
Scope: All Sublevels
LDAP Query Filter: ObjectClass=Person
LDAP Authentication: cn=admin,o=company
Password: <blank for now, won't take admin pw>

RSA support says that they support it but won't/can't help us get it

What am I missing? I'm trying to pull the ldap info into the RSA so that
we can use it with our token for authentication for some web
applications we have.

Thanks in advance.