I've got a situation where I have phones (that I know of) that are off
an hour on appointments this week. Obviously a DST issue but I don't
know why. They were all patched with the DST update back last march and
most of these are appointments created in the last 2 weeks. 2 Treo 650
palms, 1 treo 680.

My phone and a few others show the correct times for some of the
appointments we have in common.

For example. a 2PM appointment on Thursday shows at 1pm, however in the
description it says 2PM CDT and if you go into details it does show it
as the correct time there.

I've hard reset the phones, re-applied the dst patch to be certain,
reset the GMS account for these users, and then re-synched. The
appointments do show correct in both the groupwise client and on the GMS
web server.

Anyone else seeing this? (I can take comfort that it won't matter after
Sunday this week, at least until next year anyway)