I've recently upgraded two of our small networks of approx 30 PCs at different locations from Kaspersky antivirus workstation v 5.0.712 to v
Almost immediately a PC on one network started to randomly reboot for no apparent reason. At first this wasn't associated with the Kaspersky upgrade, since it was only one PC, however within a week about half of the PCs were exhibiting the problem, with some now spontaneously rebooting three or four times every couple of hours.
Power supply voltage and other possible causes were investigated without success, but then I discovered that the same symptoms were also being experienced on the second network.
Whilst I realise this isn't conclusive evidence that Kaspersky 6 is to blame, both networks were running just fine up until the upgrade date.
Tomorrow I plan to downgrade some of the rebooting PCs to their previous version Kaspersky 5.0.712 to see if this fixes the problem, however I thought perhaps I should check to see if anyone else is experiencing the problem and/or has a better solution.
Kaspersky say they have no other similar reports, however they also seem to have little experience with NetWare
Could this be an unfortunate side effect resulting from using Kaspersky v6 with the NetWare client ?
Workstations are all IBM towers with Win2K SP4 or Win XP Pro SP2 with NetWare 4.91 SP2 client and GroupWise 6.5 SP6 or 7.0 SP2 clients plus Office 2000 or Office 2003 installed.
Any helpful comments most welcome