Hello. I've performed my first ZEN for Servers 7 install, one server is the distributor and two are subscribers. These objects appear to have been created fine during the installation. The installs are all on NetWare 6.5 SP6. I'm trying to use the Wizard in ConsoleOne to create my first Distribution object, but when I get to the page "File Selection from Distribution Server", I can't add or delete anything. I get the error, "Unable to perform the remote call. Make sure the remote server has ZENworks Server Management running properly."

So, how do I ensure it's running properly? I've looked in the ZEN 7 Server Management Admin Guide and in the Novell Press book called ZENworks 7 Suite Administrator's Handbook. Neither place shows screen shots of a NetWare server with the Server Management screens up. What screens should I have and what should they look like?