I am in the process of changing security rights (adding a user to all
documents) using the Mass Document Operation, the following is now

- A user tries to open a document in the Library that was in process
of MDO.
- User gets a C020 error and is unable to open the document.
(note - Document can be viewed with a R-Click on the
Doc Reference)
- The backend POA agent (version 6.5.7 by the way) shows the following
Error: Numeric overflow (GT upper bound) converting
to numeric type [C020] User:

I unloaded and reloaded the POA agent (NetWare) - no change
I have run Validate, Recovere & Rebuild System Maintenance on the post
office databases. no change
I am in the process of an Analyze/Fix Library with the following items
Verify Library
Fix document/version/element
Verify document files
Validate all document security
Synchronize user name

Any ideas? I haven't ever seen this before.

Thanks in advance,
Marshall Major