Hi All,

I'm looking through the ZCM documention, trying to find some guidelines on
how to layout my ZCM installation. Does any sort of design recommendation
documentation exist?

Let me briefly describe my environment, as it relates to my questions about

We currently run ZFD7 - in one Tree across 10 separate locations. We
primarily use ZFD for imaging, DLU, application management, and remote
assistance (remote control). Each site has it's own ZFD PXE server for
imaging. Workstation import into an OU based on which site they Sites are
connected to a central office via 10 MB, 100 MB, or 1000 MB WAN links. We
don't currently use inventory services, but we'd like to implent this
soon - ideally with one central inventory DB.

I'm a bit confused about ZCM management zones. Should we have a separate
zone for each of our sites, or one for our entire organization? How do
management zones affect imaging and inventory operations (if at all)?

Aside from ZCM 10 just doing things "different" from ZFD7, what gotchas
should I look for based on the description of our environment?