Hi All,

Just wondering what is 'normal' - trying to establish a baseline for
whether or not I even have a real problem or not...I know, every setup is
unique - but still there must be some sort of valid range of values eh?

So what am I going on about? Well the essential question is "How much
memory should apache2 be taking up on an iprint server?", related to this
is "When should it stop growing?".

We have an iPrint server with about 400 printer agents. The services are
running on NetWare 6.5 sp5. At first boot the apache2 service eats about
25MB of RAM and it grows daily. Prior to the last reboot of this server -
after about 5 ish days of uptime - the memory footprint had swollen to
about 320MB.

Sadly I have no idea what it is doing with all that RAM. Is it caching
drivers? Is it caching web pages? Is it just collecting RAM for no
particular reason? Is this normal apache behaviour? Normal iPrint server

If you have a clue let me know!

If you have a similar setup (running NetWare, ~400 printer agents) please
post the amount of RAM your apache2.nlm is eating along with your uptime.

If you know how I might poke into the apache service to see what it is
using all that RAM for, let me know!