This one has me a bit puzzled, we're preparing a hardware upgrade for our
main fileserver (currently NW6sp6, upgrading to OES).

We've installed the new server 'pre-migration' in a new temporary tree. We
then ran the Migration Wizard as we have before and copied the files from
the old server.

Some Windows clients were then unable to log in to the old tree/server, when
trying to browse to the tree only the new (temporary) tree can be seen even
though they can ping the IP address of the old server (containing the master

Once the new server is shut down then the old tree is visible again, this
only affects a few clients and one common factor with them is that they were
running an old client with IP and IPX (all other clients are IP only) but
the old tree still isn't visible after IPX is removed and the client

Any idea what may be causing this? It's not a major problem but it would be
good to fix it so I don't have to do all the pre-migration work out of