I have a tree w/8 servers. The master is up to 6.5.6 and the rest are at
nw654 at the moment. One server occasionally hangs at 50% during backups.
It has about 1000000 documents spread across about 500 directories on it
and also runs pserver for about 15 old printers we still have. I am
thinking of just moving the documents to a new server. I am stuck as to
whther I should do some cool wizrd based upgrade/migration or whether I
should bring the new server online and do an NCopy of the document
directories to the new server. If I do the second, I will just keep
moving the printers off the old server w/o running backups and once it has
no more printers serviced, I will remove it from the tree. The document
files are managed by a sql server type app, so I can just copy and run an
update statement to change the file location without much problem, but i'm
wondering what you experts think? thanks for your help.