I am in the process of adding several NW 6.5.6 servers into our existing

After going over the installation documenation left by the former
administrator, i came across an entry that stated this:

- Go to the ServerConsole, go into the autoexec.ncf.
- Locate and Comment Out the line that reads: " LOAD CONLOG MAXIMUM=100 "
- Replace it with: "LOAD CONLOG ENTIRE=YES ARCHIVE=YES NEXT=00:00:01
- save, exit, and reboot server.

My Question:
Can anyone tell what this 'conlog' command is about? Any idea what it
does? or Why the administrator felt that it was important enough to add to
the documenation?

I have no problem following these steps, but i would like to know Why/What
it does...

Thank you all again for any insight!! >^^<