I have problems with running NetWare Client at one machine - WinXP Pro,
Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core, Asus M2N-SLI MoBo (nVidia nForce integrated NIC)
- connection via IPX to NW 5.1 SP8 server. When any (4.91 SP4, SP1,
4.83) client is installed, I cannot access NW Volumes - randomly,
sometimes it's working fine, sometimes not (after succesfull login
there's empty network drives or access denied to directories - and -
when I have connection - I cannot transfer bigger files (I tried with
950MB file, freezing for 1-2 minutes after 15-25 % of transfer, and lost
connection). I observed that when transfer freezes, it's look like
network driver is locked - no access to internet, Windows Network
shares, etc. At thist time, I cannot transfer bigger files from Windows
shares, too. Without NW Client it's working fine.

Best regards

Adam W.