GW 7.0.2
GMS 2.0.2
We had this problem about 2 months ago, a user that had a Smartphone had
his account get screwed up somehow so we deleted the account from GMS and
everything was fine. Then we started having the trouble again today,
deleted the user that I found was having problems, re-setup their account
by synchronizing and it crashed the server again.

So I'm wondering if there is someway in GMS that I can run or schedule it
to do repairs on the accounts so that this doesn't happen more often like
it is. Also if anyone else knows of a way to fix a user that is having a
problem after deleting them and after running a DB check on that user's GW

Thanks in advance for any assistance, it is just such a pain that it
causes the whole GW Server to crash when a user on the Mobile Server gets

Tim Thompson