In the GMS admin console, I click on a user... then click on the Use Website
As User button. Then on the webpage under settings, server connections, I
click connection name. This brings up the configure GroupWise Connection
webpage... where it has the GroupWise server IP address in the format:
x.x.x.x:7191 and the GroupWise mailbox full name of the user. If I click the
Test Button, I get an error. If I try to change the IP address of the server
(which is what I want to do to move the connection to another server) I get
an error when I click save. The error is GroupWise server and/or mailbox not
found or inaccessible. Is there someway to change that connection
information for individual users? Creating new profiles with the different
server and assigning the users to the new profile then syncing does not
change that connection information on their webpage or the server they sync
to... I can delete the connection information from the webpage of the user,
but don't see anyway to recreate it... I can telnet to both servers on 7191.
GMS 2.02. GroupWise 7.02HP.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.