Hello all,

I have a 5 server netware 6.5 sp7 network. Three of our servers use
trunking with 3 VLANS. In the past, we had 3 seperate network cards (one
for each VLAN)We are a high school and our district decided to go with one
network card and trunking for our server connections instead of 3 seperate
newtork cards. Since then, we have sporadically yet regularly had the 3
netware servers using trunking to lose network connectivity. Most times,
everything else looks normal on the server and the console can still be
accessed, but the server does not communicate with the network. When I
enter the "_ip" command I see that the free small ecb's are much lower
than 512 (most of the time under 100). I have read TID's that have said
that memory is not being released by a module and that I should unload
modules until the memory is released, but that has not worked. The only
solution has been to restart the server. Does anyone have any ideas that
might help me fix this problem?


-Loren Pinkney