I would like to enable users to publish their own web pages. I have a test
configuration comprising:
2 servers:
NW6.5 SP6 installed as a web server
I created user 'hdiruser' and asigned Home Directory Rights, Host Resource
Name and Host Server rights, in fact followed the NW 6.5 documentation.

Here is the relevant section of \serverSYSAPACHE2CONFhttpd.conf:

# TABLE: (5)
<IfModule mod_edir.c>
eDirServer XX_SERVER_URL_XX 636 secure
hDirUserSubDirectory public_html
RemoteDirEnabled off
eDirRootCerts sys:/public/RootCert.der
HomeDirEnabled On
eDirUserAccount hdiruser
hDirSearchAttr cn
eDirPassword XXXXXX
hDirSearchContexts OU=USERS,O=PACKTON

Yet a still get: Object not found! Error 404 when I point my browser to:

The home directory contains public_htmlindex.html