We have one (so far) PC that has a problem with GWM and having the
store converstations locally option tuned on (regardless of where it is
directed to save). closing a message window crashes GWM when the
option is turned on. It doesn't matter who is logged onto the machine,
same problem with all users of the PC, and of GWM on that PC.

windows error report info:
AppName: nmcl32.exe
ModName nmcl32.exe
Offset 000efa7b

OS Windows XP sp2 with all current patches applied (using ZPM)

Turning off the option of saving locally resolves the issue. by
default though that option is turned on.

I've tried multiple reinstalls, making sure to remove all related
folders I can find:
docs.\user\local settings\app data\novell\gwm (entire folder)
\novell\messenger (entire folder)
removing registry keys from
hku\[all sids]\software\novell\messenger

My thought is some dll or something that resides outside of those
locations that is being used is corrupted and isn't affected by removal
and install. any idea's on what steps to take next to solve this?
many of our users use the local history feature, and I'm pretty sure
this user will want it when he discovers it is missing.

Thank you,