Good Afternoon.

I'm using (albeit not very successfully) GMS 2.0.2 in a GroupWise 7.0.2HP1a environment. GMS is running on a virtualized Windows 2003 server and GroupWise is on NetWare 6.0 SP5.

I've been fighting with connection problems (phone to GMS), sync problems (GW to GMS) and a host of other obnoxious problems for the past 8 months. I'm seriously considering just shelving it and moving to Blackberry Enterprise Server. Aside from the cost and pain in the butt aspect of moving users from one device to another, what are your thoughts?

At this point I have a very small number (<20) of users using GMS and it fails to work consistently for any of them. Are my expectations off? Is wireless GroupWise access (be it with GMS or BES) just one of those "troublesome apps" that's prone to these types of problems? Is RIM's technical support better than Intellisync's?

The one thing I haven't done it to start over with the Win2003 server. It started out as a GMS 1.x server and was upgraded to GMS 2.x when it was released. Do you think blowing it away and starting clean with 2.0sp2 would do any good? Is it worth opening up a case with Novell or Intellesync to look at the GMS problems?

Sorry for all the questions; I'm just grasping at straws :-) Thoughts (or prayers) would be appreciated!