I had an OES 1 server installed in my tree where the hardware died,
permanently. I replaced this with a relatively modern server. As a result
I had to update to OES2

I took one of the drives which was a native Linux and installed it
internally on an IDE controller, the drive with the NSS volume however is
in an external USB enclosure. It's readable, I can see the drive in
partitioner, but it tells me that I cannot change anything on that drive.
OK, I don't want to change anything.

However, I do want to return it to service, at least long enough to
harvest the data from the NSS partition of the disk. What do I need to do
to get EVMS back for this drive, and how do I get NSS to recognize it as a
volume so I can add it to the new server?

If it makes any difference, I also went from 32 to 64 bit...