I ran the upgrade from GMS 1 to GMS 202 and I am now not able to connect to
the webpage or sync devices. I get the "HTTP 500 Internal server error"
trying to open the website as a user and trying to open the WebAdmin page.
I am also unable to sync devices, getting error "Mobile Gateway service is
not running on web server or is not responding".

I have GMS running on custon port 880 and I've run through the procedure of
modifying the "securegateway.properties" file and removing and adding the
secure gateway server in the admin console to reflect the custom port. Also
tried deleting the "genweb" and "work" directories in the Tomcat folder and
restarting the Intellisync server to recreate them. Even tried reinstalling
GMS 202. Still unable to sync or connect to any webpage using the custom

Does anybody have any other suggestions?