Hi everyone

I am trying to build a repository for images for a kind of special industrial PCs we use in our company. I consider myself an experienced zenworks user since version 2. But I've been using it in an office environment (I mean, Windows). So I have created dozens of fat32 and ntfs images mainly for HP machines.

What I am trying to do now is to clon a Lynx PC by creating a image of it with zen 7 sp1 imaging and then restoring the image to a new hard disk. The thing is, I am able to make the image file (despite the strange partition type) and I put this image in the a zen partition I have created in a hard disk.

When comes the time for restoring, I am able to restore the image to the same hard disk I am booting from (I mean, the one that has the zen partition) but I can't figure out how to restore the image to another hard disk. All disks are IDE. When I try to select the destination of restore I receive a message like "No eligible partitions to receive image". Any ideas?

We are starting the "upgrade" of our Lynx PCs to Linux (suse) ones. Am I going to find the same problems with ext2 or ext3 partition types?

Thanks for your help.