I need to install a new netware 6.5sp5 server in a single nds tree to
replace a very sick server running netware 6.5sp5 holding a master replica.

The old server sys volume could have been corrupted. I shall install a new
server on a completely new machine.

Apart from reassign a new master replica, dhcp entry,slpda, organisation CA
object, ldap, could someone tell what had to be taken care or where I can
find these information from novell documentation?

After the new server has been installed, I need to copy the data volume to
the new server. Is there a better and quicker to reassign the trustee
assignments set up in the old server e.g. home directories another folder
assignment, drive mapping?

I shall not retire the old one until everything is in good shape so the old
server name will not be re-used. If I need to re-use the old server name
what should I do?

Netware 6.5sp7 may have post-release problems need to be fixed. I think that
it will give me less trouble if I stick to netware 6.5sp5, e.g. in
particulars if backup problem comes up and the novell backup partner like CA
or BackupExec is not ready to support us. What is your opinion?

Wai Chu