Ok, I've got FreeRadius up and authenticating successfully to eDir with
LDAP. I've got it so if I log into Workstation only, it will
authenticate using the Novell MSCHAP. It just won't authenticate with
the Novell Client so that I have a single sign on.

I've applied all the Microsoft KB patches for WiFi I can find listed
here in the listserv. Even the one that you have to submit to MS to
receive 923154. I've set supplicant mode to 3 in the registry. I'm
really at a loss.

The error from the client changes but most of the time I get - "802.1X
Found no connections to authenticate" Sometimes I get "802.1X
Authentication failed. Timeout waiting for Authentication to finish.
Logging into workstation only."

If I set SuppliantMode to 3 it also won't even authenticate when I log
in as workstation only. If I delete that key it will at least work at
the workstation only.

Did I miss something simple? HELP, Please......

I'd just love to have the Novell Client do single sign on to our WPA
protected wireless. Any advise is greatly appreciated. I see some of you
have it working with minor problems. Can you help this long time Netware
user since 2.X in college get it going too?

Thanks in advance.