I had posted this in eDirectory section and was asked to place this in
Zenworks. Hope someone can give some guidance here:

The directories and files being looked at are getting the file rights from
zenworks application objects.

When using Console One and looking at file system trustees, I see little
green trees in place of some of the true trustee assignments. Some of the
trustee assignments look proper.

When I use Windows explorer to view trustees, they look okay.

I may also have another problem where in Zen applications that trustee
assignments to the file system seem to break and stop working.

As far as what is broken, some of our zen applications seem to have lost
their file trustee rights. Some were working properly and then on one day
a few of them seemed to break. Users of Zen apps were not getting rights.

Someone has mentioned that they thought the little green trees were do to
a video card issue? I am using a Dell GX280. I don't know the specs of
it, but I would think it is a standard Dell GX280.

Any thoughts on if this is related and what I can check next.