We have completed 3 across-the-wire migrations to new hardware. NetWare 6.5 SP6 +post patches, when the products.dat file was still accessible. Everything was fine, and then ARCserve 11 SP3 was installed, checking the 'upgrade top btrieve 8.5' choice (won't be doing that again). As soon as we did that and rebooted, CSAUDIT will not load - so, neither will dhcp, ndps, nor can the products.dat file be read to just reinstall SP6. .This is on 3 servers now.

We are 99.9% positive arcserve is overwriting some NLM or starting bstart at the wrong time or something. We want to try to reinstall btrieve 8.5 to overwrite whatever ARCserve did - their tech support, or what they consider their 'knowledgebase' is of no help. We have verified that bstart is right after the server name and right before initsys in the autoexec.ncf.

We have tried TID 10087843 to no avail. We have deleted the cslib dirs and rebooted. We have installed the latest Proliant Support Pack (7.90). It appears to be following NetWare 6.5 SP6 with Arcserve 11 SP3, not the server hardware. 2 Proliant G5 quad-cores and 1 ML370 G2 P3. The compaq stuff (cpqsnmp/cpqhlth) is not running and I've gotten rid of the nlsmeter/lrup/connaud stuff. Bti.cfg has been changed. Servers have 4 gig ram.

Ideas? I cannot find a separate btrieve 8.5 install on the pervasive site, or I'd try that. I can't use nwconfig to install any patches since btrieve is down...

Thanks - April