I'm receiving a "Failed to grant file rights to all objects" error when
adding container objects to an application object. I've had this problem
before but can't isolate what's causing it. I can correct this error by
recreating the application object. However, recreating the app objects
that display this error is time consuming and counter productive. Also,
the problem comes back on some of my apps.

FACTS: The application directories are on a Netware 6.5, SP6 servers. We
are running ZENWorks 7,SP1,SR2. ConsoleONE version is 1.3.6f (dec06).
eDirectory version on all production servers are We have five
replication servers; two of which are OES,SP2,servers and the other three
are Netware 6.5 SP6. Also, running 14 OES,SP2 servers in a cluster.