Ok, here's my situation. I went to upgrade my edir/zenworks server
yesterday and the edir install failed. Only way to fix the server was
to wipe edir off the server and then reinstall it. After I did that,
some users are now getting prompted to login to the middle-tier. Our
clients are not running the Novell Client. For the majority of users,
there is no problem but some users are getting the login prompt. I
reinstalled Zen7 hp5 on the server and it seemed to help for those
people but now more people are reporting the same issue.

We have a two server setup, one running edir/zenworks and the other
running the middle tier app. I have not touched the second server yet.
When I did the reinstall of zenworks, it failed on many components so
I just reinstalled the HP5 version, after first renaming the zenworks
folders on the C:\ drive, and it installed without error.

Any ideas as to what could be causing the issue?