I am having trouble getting a new machine to boot off the network. We
just got a set of computers with Intel 82566dm nics. My server is
running Netware 6.5 sp3 my Zenworks is 7sp1 hotpatch 6. Linux V.2.0.68
This is what happens when I boot the computer:
I get a PXE boot menu, I pick maintenance mode, everything looks to be
ok until I get a blue screen with a red box that reads, “Could not find
Zenworks installation source – Activating manual setup program.” I can
hit ok then ok 2 more times, I get a menu and choose Kernel Modules
(Hardware Drivers), I load network card modules, e1000: Intel Pro/1000.
I hit enter, it asks to enter parameters- I leave this blank and it
loads successfully. Then I hit back & Start Installation or System, I
choose Network, TFTP, then I see the message starting DHCP request. It
asks for TFTP server IP (it’s already filled in) I just click enter. It
asks for the directory on the server (boot is already filled in), I
hit enter one more time, everything else loads up, and I can type IMG
and continue with my imaging. This is my question: What do I need to
change to make all of that automated? Any help would be great thanks.