I found a TID that instructs how to "team" NICS. I followed the information
using INETCFG to create the commands and it works well... until the server
is rebooted. When the system executes initsys.ncf the problems begin. It
seems that when initsys.ncf tries to load the virtual NIC driver, BASP
(Broadcom), in my case, it causes all kinds of illegal module errors. Thus
the NICs never gets bound to any protocol, eDir will not load, due to TCPIP
communications, that's what it says, and the server is dead in the water.
Once the server is up I can manually execute the initsys.ncf file and the
teaming works fine, BASP loads and protocols bind, but eDir still won't
load. I think it's a timing issue but I don't know where to start... This
has happened on two different servers I've tried this on. One a NW65SP5 and
one a NW65SP7 server. Please advise.