I have implemented ZAM 7.5 over 4 different sites and most systems were
scanned by deafult collection site and collection schedule

The 4 sites are connected by fast links 100mb and we have approx 1000
workstations. All components are installed on only 1 server.

I can scan any workstation from web console, so I know connectivity
isn't an issue.

However I have tried to create new collection options and schedules for
the different sites VLANS but cannot get these working.

Under collection option sets I have 3 default schedlues and 2 manualy
created coolection option sets and schedules all associated to the one

I have used a ruling for the workstaions as follows:-

IP Address contains 10.110.30

If I run this as a query it reports back all the correct systems on the
VLAN but running as a collection set nothing happens.

Am I missing something basic here? Are the primary schedules overriding
the enterprise manually created collections sets and schedules? I've
set collection daily for some vlans but the systems are not being

Can someone help please.