During eDirectory configuration you can enter SLPDA info and SCOPES.
This will corrupt the /etc/slp.conf file and convert it to LOWERCASE for all
options like:

net.slp.isda = true
net.slp.usescope = SLP_SCOPE
net.slp.daaddresses =

etc. THIS WILL NOT WORK! I changed the following lines to match:

net.slp.isDA = true
net.slp.useScope = SLP_SCOPE
net.slp.DAAddresses =

And it worked perfectly! So, after installation, be sure to copy a fresh
slp.conf to the box before reconfig.

This was reported by a friend to me during the BETA test but was not fixed
in the final release of OES2 :(

messagelog reports: "cimom received error durring SLP registration: -4" where
durring is misspelled as well ;)