I'm tring to search for GroupWise Accounts that have an Expiration Set.
My end goal is to create a "script" that a Helpdesk person can run to remove the Groupwise and NDS accounts.
At this time we have a system that is Expiring Groupwise accounts as the Employee is terminated.

When I use this command:
NLIST users where "NGW: Mailbox Expiration Date" LT 10/29/07 /R /S /N >>c:\expired.txt
It results in listing ALL Groupwise accounts.

NLIST users where "NGW: Mailbox Expiration Time" LT 10/29/07 /R /S /N >>c:\expired.txt
This results in an Error of "Invalid property"

Can anyone suggest a method to get a text file of all GroupWise accounts that have an Expiration Date set on the GroupWise Property page.
or a Disabled NDS Account over 30 days?